02 Films is an independent media company dedicated to developing, producing and financing culturally relevant commercially viable theatrical motion pictures.  Our projects are targeted for exhibition in domestic and foreign theatrical markets and for subsequent release across all media.

We focus on international co-productions that encourage cross-cultural collaboration. Assembling premiere innovative creative teams with seasoned industry professionals ensures successful independently produced projects. We combine seasoned and emerging talent to produce quality, ground-breaking films.

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RenéeGeorge100x100  RobertCasal100x100S  Stella Libert  Yumiko Oka  Etienne Huguenot  MichaelMastre100x100  Marine Goujet  Florian Stadler  Travis Smith Evans  RenaudBertrand  Angela Frucci   Caroline Jauer  Bruno Martin  StephenLatty  Marc Anfossi  Adam Kowalski


Gautier Capuçon   JoffreyPlatel4color200x200  SarahDemeestere5 200x200  Sébastien Pierre  Henry Gronnier   Emmanuel Trifilio  FrancescaLeto200x200  VincensoFesi200x200  CristinaCacace200x200   Rossella Barile  Luigi Magistrelli  RichardBoes200x200  SharonAngela200x200